Rachel's painting, Red Boat, started gaining international recognition after it was hosted in Peter Doig's 2014 collection. Prior to Peter's 2014 collection, his painting, White Canoe set a world record for the highest price paid to a living artist (11 million at auction).

Since then Red Boat also gained more notoriety as the cover of highly awarded and acknowledged American novelist, Louise Erdrich's german release of LaRose, titled Ein Lied für die Geister, which is due to be released Oct 17th 2016

In addition to her paintings Rachel writes engaging and compelling stories in which she also illustrates. Starting in 2015 with projected finish date of 2017. She will have finished her first full length picture book.

You can sometimes catch her working in a coffee shop, in her home town of St. Augustine FL, painting in a corner. She welcomes conversation, inquisitive minds, and enjoys sharing her passion. You can usually find her sharing her techniques and sometimes canvas space with anyone who has a glimmer of passion to paint.

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