600w Heart Bleeds The Ocean

I had an unpolished vision for my subject. Yet a perplexing question arose; how would I be able to capture my heart? I decided to embark on a journey. I packed my daughter, our canvases, and our bags. Then set out to our "secret cabin in the woods". We dispelled on our voyage into the wild waters on a small kayak. Where we talked about the creatures that may dwell below and on the overgrown islands we visited. Imagination and excitement that coursed through our unfettered minds and feral hearts. Our creativity had been sparked. As our conquest concluded, wading in the murky bank, we muscled ashore through the unhewn rocks of an oyster bar. Where I deeply sliced my finger on an oyster bud. Large quick drops of blood fell into the salt water. I stood there watching how each drop dispersed yet lingered into the sea. I knew at that moment what my heart was seeking. What my heart yearns for.

With "Heart" I envisioned the two techniques it took to create it's unique properties. I wanted it to be color changing. Yet heavy thick layers for dramatic depth and texture. The base layer is a deep plum purple. A founding color representative of my life. My love of purple is deeply rooted in my life and symbolizes my personal adversity and perseverance. All of life struggles for me seemed to end in a bruise. Even still, the beauty of a bruise is symbolic to me. It represents simply, still being alive and having the ability to become stronger through healing.

As I built up the layers, recalling the adventures my heart overflowed with excitement. I realized that my heart bleeds for adventure, for excitement, for the moment. I noticed how much time I spent going on excursions finding myself. The more I found myself, the more I found myself alone. I was not just exploring the world, I was exploring myself and what dives my wild heart.

Heart Bleeds The Ocean   progession

Ironically Rachel's finger was cut from a different incident while rubbing in the base layer of color. As you can see, each original oil pastel painting is a very personal interaction of herself with the physical canvas and oil pastels. More than just brushed on, she literally works the colors in painstakingly by hand, sometimes having to stop production for her sking to grow back. 


600w Heart Bleeds the Ocean   DETAIL

This is a detail of the finished original which sold to a private collector shortly after it was finished. This one is especially nice for the depth and texture presented differently as the silver and gold metallics give a different sheen from the richer reds and vibrant yellows. So much movement is carried through the whole piece that it is one of the best of her works that shows the color changing properties. 



The original is unfortunately not on public display but you can own a Limited Edition Fine Art Print or open edition print, both available in various sizes on canvas. 

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