New Orleans Crawfish Jon Barmore

(6"x8" watercolor Crawfish study during lunch)
I learned that to say crawfish in any other way is wrong around here. Aside from that nothing much else bothers the locals. One of my favorite take always from New Orleans is to allow for the lagniappe in life. A term used so frequently that they even put in on the menus. Because a little something extra is sort of customary here in New Orleans. 
A dear friend of mine, and prior Kung Fu student, allowed me to stay and see the city and area through the life of a Biologists eyes. Also, very well equipped to cook up and serve the most traditional staples in Louisiana. So with the left over ingredients I tried my hand at my own interpretation of some good ol' southern hospitality and made a Lagniappe Quiche. Lagniappe quiche It had chopped seasoned collar greens and onions, Boudin sausage, and crawfish. I got a thumbs up from my host and left a whole one for guests coming over after I left. Hope they enjoy it too.
I really had a chance to relax even on a working vacation. What a great time. I was able to put a lot of things in perspective and am more focused than ever. Hope everyone has a chance to take a breath see what you do have and are thankful to those that add to your life.
I was also inspired during lunch to paint my first original artwork on a postcard. So I made two. One for a best friend and one for a giveaway. I was so inspired I wrote the postcards on the spot. I was happy to anounce the winner this morning and it happen to be someone I had met during my last exhibit! How very exciting! It's been a trip to remember. 
New Orleans postcard
Rachel Cross R ONLY 325Wx90H
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