Rachel cross St. Augustine FL artist Kintsukori


I'm doing something different here. Something I have never done. Sorry (not sorry lol) you all are in my growing pains stage. You get to see me take chances and grow. This is where I make a lot of mistakes and learn from them. Some times I get my butt kicked (some like to smile about that) and sometimes I climb higher. Higher can be a deeply personal journey and the lessons are always inspiration for growth. I always re-adjust my sights on my main goals and work hard to get back on my own path. I have been kind of lonely lately. Longing for someone to hold my hand down the path for a little while. To be honest I just think I have just been so heart brokenly lately. I have had to say good by to a few important people in my life this past year. Each one having an impact on how I have to survive in this world that is so new to me. I try to be grateful for every encounter. It either made me stronger, smarter, or better in some way.

Anyway, so here's the thing I am going to do. I'm going to lead you down the path on this next painting in my Kintsukori Collection. I usually think of the inspiration. I write about it in my own notes. Visualize it. Think about it. Until it hits me. So here I am in front of a canvas that has quite a few layers already and I know exactly what I am going to paint on it. I wrote this poem and it is the inspiration of my new Painting for the Kintsukori collection and it's new exhibit.




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