Rachel Cross Heart Gold painting oil pastel


Translated to “golden joinery,” Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi, which means “golden repair”) is the centuries-old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with a special lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Beautiful seams of gold glint in the cracks of ceramic ware, giving a unique appearance to the piece.

This repair method celebrates each artifact's unique history by emphasizing its fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them. Kintsugi often makes the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original, revitalizing it with new life.

The theory behind Kintsugi is the belief that the object is unique and more beautiful for having been broken. I like to apply this idea to my life and experiences even as I'm learning and growing. Some parts I've worked hard to repair. The other parts I'm still picking up the pieces.

Learn more about Kintsukuroi here

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