The Story Behind The Original Red Boat Oil Pastel Painting, a painting by Artist Rachel Cross 

Red Boat   FRONT 700w


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How Did the "Red Boat" oil pastel painting became a notable work?

Rachel Cross's Red Boat was featured in a Peter Doig collection in 2014. Peter Doig set a world record for the highest price paid for a painting sold at auction by a living artist. That painting, White Canoe, sold at auction for $11 million dollars.

Partly because of it's inclusion in the Peter Doig 2014 collection, "Red Boat" gained more traction and admiration through 2015. In 2016 Red Boat is set to be internationally published on the cover of Louise Erdrich's German release of LaRose (release date Oct. 17th 2016). The painting also has more notoriety in the works coming up next year as well. The LTD Edition Red Boat Prints is likely to gain in value with all the additional international exposure.

Limited To 10 Available Prints for 2017
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The LTD of Red Boat will only have 10 hand signed and numbered prints released this year. In addition to the very limited quantity of the prints per year, only 50 lifetime total will be released. As you would expect we project the initial value to increase, making the first release possibly the best investment.

What make Red Boat unique?

Red boat's process is unique in the way that the oil pastel is used. Rachel builds layers of contrasting colors that will stand out and pop against the layer beneath it. This process is very delicate due to the pastel's easy blending properties. Her process, with attention to temperature, savvy technique, and her dexterity is able to achieve these difficult yet stunning layers. Due to this process the paintings also have color changing properties biased on the angle in which the piece viewed. 

Who is the artist?

Rachel Cross is an internationally traveled and trained artist. She has worked with and under many artists during travels and studies. She started painting at the tender age of 5 years old when she lived in Tokyo Japan for 4 years. Since then she has always had an inquisitive mind and thirst for knowledge. She traveled back to the United States and sought out many artist along the way who would put a new medium in her hand and a new philosophy in her mind. Learning and traveling, trial and error, experience and exposure helped her to develop her unique style and easy going personality. She usually can be found painting with a cup of coffee in her hand at a great coffee shop or volunteering her time taking care of animals and at the public library teaching self defense.

Where to buy a LTD Print of Boat?

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