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I'm doing something different here. Something I have never done. Sorry (not sorry lol) you all are in my growing pains stage. You get to see me take chances and grow. This is where I make a lot of mistakes and learn from them. Some times I get my butt kicked (some like to smile about that) and sometimes I climb higher. Higher can be a deeply personal journey and the lessons are always inspiration for growth. I always re-adjust my sights on my main goals and work hard to get back on my own path. I have been kind of lonely lately. Longing for someone to hold my hand down the path for a little while. To be honest I just think I have just been so heart brokenly lately. I have had to say good by to a few important people in my life this past year. Each one having an impact on how I have to survive in this world that is so new to me. I try to be grateful for every encounter. It either made me stronger, smarter, or better in some way.

Anyway, so here's the thing I am going to do. I'm going to lead you down the path on this next painting in my Kintsukori Collection. I usually think of the inspiration. I write about it in my own notes. Visualize it. Think about it. Until it hits me. So here I am in front of a canvas that has quite a few layers already and I know exactly what I am going to paint on it. I wrote this poem and it is the inspiration of my new Painting for the Kintsukori collection and it's new exhibit.

New Orleans Crawfish Jon Barmore

(6"x8" watercolor Crawfish study during lunch)
I learned that to say crawfish in any other way is wrong around here. Aside from that nothing much else bothers the locals. One of my favorite take always from New Orleans is to allow for the lagniappe in life. A term used so frequently that they even put in on the menus. Because a little something extra is sort of customary here in New Orleans. 
A dear friend of mine, and prior Kung Fu student, allowed me to stay and see the city and area through the life of a Biologists eyes. Also, very well equipped to cook up and serve the most traditional staples in Louisiana. So with the left over ingredients I tried my hand at my own interpretation of some good ol' southern hospitality and made a Lagniappe Quiche. Lagniappe quiche It had chopped seasoned collar greens and onions, Boudin sausage, and crawfish. I got a thumbs up from my host and left a whole one for guests coming over after I left. Hope they enjoy it too.
I really had a chance to relax even on a working vacation. What a great time. I was able to put a lot of things in perspective and am more focused than ever. Hope everyone has a chance to take a breath see what you do have and are thankful to those that add to your life.
I was also inspired during lunch to paint my first original artwork on a postcard. So I made two. One for a best friend and one for a giveaway. I was so inspired I wrote the postcards on the spot. I was happy to anounce the winner this morning and it happen to be someone I had met during my last exhibit! How very exciting! It's been a trip to remember. 
New Orleans postcard
Rachel Cross R ONLY 325Wx90H

400W Heart Bleeds the Ocean   HEART DETAIL

***Winner Kathy King***

Artist Rachel Cross gave away her new "Heart Bleeds The Ocean" open edition print this weekend to show her appreciation to everyone that supports her art and to say thank you!

In the spirit of this 2017 season for giving thanks, Rachel gave her "Heart Bleeds The Ocean" open edition fine art print away in appreciation for all the support she's received from all of you, her followers, friends and family, all year. For those that don't know, "Heart Bleeds The Ocean" is an exquisite original oil pastel painting that Rachel literally bled for both in inspiration and in the making of. It was sold to a private collector shortly after it was completed this past spring.  

The story and inspiration behind the original painting »

400w Heart Bleeds The Ocean Open Edition Art Print On Canvas by Rachel Cross


 About The Print

Rachel is super excited to have given this 6"x6" fine art print because it was her favorite of the new line of canvas prints offered in her online art gallery. This one is especially nice with it's vivid colors boldly coming through. The limited edition prints, that are hand embellished by Rachel, should be even more stunning once they are available. Both open edition and LTD prints are gallery wrapped, framed and come with pre-installed hanging hardware built into the frame, along with felt protective bumpers. The hanging hardware is placed at the top of the image. 

For more information on this and other prints and original artwork for sale by Rachel Cross »

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300w Rachel Cross Loving Life At Anazao Galleries


600w Heart Bleeds The Ocean

I had an unpolished vision for my subject. Yet a perplexing question arose; how would I be able to capture my heart? I decided to embark on a journey. I packed my daughter, our canvases, and our bags. Then set out to our "secret cabin in the woods". We dispelled on our voyage into the wild waters on a small kayak. Where we talked about the creatures that may dwell below and on the overgrown islands we visited. Imagination and excitement that coursed through our unfettered minds and feral hearts. Our creativity had been sparked. As our conquest concluded, wading in the murky bank, we muscled ashore through the unhewn rocks of an oyster bar. Where I deeply sliced my finger on an oyster bud. Large quick drops of blood fell into the salt water. I stood there watching how each drop dispersed yet lingered into the sea. I knew at that moment what my heart was seeking. What my heart yearns for.

600w The Spark made of Gold textgram 1502122430I was writing this. First draft unedited. Mid thought, I was inspired. I had a lucid and powerful image of my soul. I knew how I wanted to capture and represent something so profound as my own soul on canvas. I left this writing as it was and started planning my new painting. I ended up creating a painting that wasn't good enough to be my soul. It was only a piece of my soul. So, I named it Stand Tall and realized that there are so many pieces that make up my soul. This is the thought that sparked my kintsukuroi collection into exsistance. Thank you for venturing in to unknown territory of self discovery.


Rachel Cross R ONLY 325Wx90H




© Rachel Cross Art 2017


Standing Tall Rachel Cross

I know a deep part of my soul longs for love and it seems I have a catch me if you can attitude. In a sense do because my life is so full of making a living, raising my daughter, and being the best example of a human being as I can. I don't have much space available for a lover unless someone could coexist in the closed moments of my life and become a partner. I've spent enough time without feeling a moment passion. I do have a kintsukuroi patch.

My passions are solid gold.

I, now, live and love by them.

I must stand tall. So, the right one can rise up to meet me. In life, love, and to coexist.

Stand Tall is my first painting in my new collection. I've been roused to bare my soul through these paintings inspired by the beauty of Kintsukuroi repairs.


Rachel Cross R ONLY 325Wx90H

© Rachel Cross 2017

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It hasn't been long.
It has only been a year,
yet it seems like ages.
I haven't talked much about the abuse
I suffered by the hands of my ex.

The St. Augustine Record
Arts & Entertainment section
17 March 17

St. Patricks Day Weekend Edition
Written by Kara Pound


 Purple moonrise

Hello Friends, Fans, and Family,

I've been pretty busy lately working on projects but a lot of people ask me where to find my paintings on display. I usually have my art up in a few places temporarily and some places full time. I have a "Where it's at" page (click link). I keep that page up to date with the locations. You can also follow my page on Facebook, Rachel Cross Art, to see my current works and where to find them.

Hope that helps!

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement to chase my dreams!



I'm incredibly ecstatic about the release of Louise Erdrich's new Native American Novel titled LaRose, being released {RIGHT NOW} in Germany and Austria titled Ein Lied für die Geister!

I'll put links where to buy a copy online. Later I'll add to shopping cart signed versions. I plan to do a raffle for both versions of the book as well.




Hello, friends, family, and fans.

Please be safe out there. With the impending Cat 4 Hurricane approaching I want to take a moment to say I hope that everyone is safe and among loved ones during this time. Keep up to date with what is going on. Try and stay positive because worrying is a waste of perfectly good imagination. Hug your family and pets tight. Enjoy your time together and take time to reach out and help someone if the chance arises. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Look out for everyone and lend a hand if you can. Times like these is a perfect opportunity to get to know your community.  

Be safe and see you on the other side of Hurricane Mathew. 

Keep up to date here

Hurricane Mathew Map from Google   2016 10 06 16 26 04


The Story Behind The Original Red Boat Oil Pastel Painting, a painting by Artist Rachel Cross 

Red Boat   FRONT 700w


Buy a Limited Edition (LTD) Print here

How Did the "Red Boat" oil pastel painting became a notable work?

Rachel Cross's Red Boat was featured in a Peter Doig collection in 2014. Peter Doig set a world record for the highest price paid for a painting sold at auction by a living artist. That painting, White Canoe, sold at auction for $11 million dollars.

Partly because of it's inclusion in the Peter Doig 2014 collection, "Red Boat" gained more traction and admiration through 2015. In 2016 Red Boat is set to be internationally published on the cover of Louise Erdrich's German release of LaRose (release date Oct. 17th 2016). The painting also has more notoriety in the works coming up next year as well. The LTD Edition Red Boat Prints is likely to gain in value with all the additional international exposure.

Limited To 10 Available Prints for 2017
Only prints 15 through 20 are left!

The LTD of Red Boat will only have 10 hand signed and numbered prints released this year. In addition to the very limited quantity of the prints per year, only 50 lifetime total will be released. As you would expect we project the initial value to increase, making the first release possibly the best investment.

What make Red Boat unique?

Red boat's process is unique in the way that the oil pastel is used. Rachel builds layers of contrasting colors that will stand out and pop against the layer beneath it. This process is very delicate due to the pastel's easy blending properties. Her process, with attention to temperature, savvy technique, and her dexterity is able to achieve these difficult yet stunning layers. Due to this process the paintings also have color changing properties biased on the angle in which the piece viewed. 

Who is the artist?

Rachel Cross is an internationally traveled and trained artist. She has worked with and under many artists during travels and studies. She started painting at the tender age of 5 years old when she lived in Tokyo Japan for 4 years. Since then she has always had an inquisitive mind and thirst for knowledge. She traveled back to the United States and sought out many artist along the way who would put a new medium in her hand and a new philosophy in her mind. Learning and traveling, trial and error, experience and exposure helped her to develop her unique style and easy going personality. She usually can be found painting with a cup of coffee in her hand at a great coffee shop or volunteering her time taking care of animals and at the public library teaching self defense.

Where to buy a LTD Print of Boat?

 You can only get a LTD print of Red Boat here or contact us directly for your handsigned, numbered, and personalized print.