If you think you know this collection, watch out because there is a dark side. Before the Kintsukori Collection focused on beautifully fixed pieces but what happens when they aren't fully mended with gold? What if they are still broken? What if I showed you a side only the people from my home town has ever seen? Well, St. Augustine this is my first Home Town exhibit! So be prepared for a wild fun night.

Opening night will be the night to be seen! So don't miss out on Cocktails, Fashion, Hair by Push Push Salon, Music by DJ Hugh Ward.... and more exciting things developing. All with attribute to my Dark Roots and Newest addition to my Kinstukori Collection.

I will reveal of my newest piece titled "It's all There" and a few other originals will be on display for the following month.


 Continue reading to see How Dark Roots Emerged into the Kinsukori Collection 


Dark Roots Exhibit at Push Push

Rachel Cross /Art Director/ Artist
Hugh Ward/ event coordinator/ art collaborater

Push Push production team
Tyler Creek/ hair/ production/ host
Taylor-ann Joseph/ hair/ production
Jacqualine Fermin/ hair/ production
Make up by Morganne Woltner

Shainee Zimmerman Ellison/ runway model/ actress
Beni Foley/ exhibit model/ runway model
Christavia Patterson/ exhibit model/ runway model
David Igou/ exhibit model/ runway model

Video Production by Nicalex Productions


,Dark Roots
The story about Dark Roots is really about my journey out of depression. As many people struggle to find worth and value from their lives sometimes the struggle turns into fight.
It was a fight to get out of bed. Get out of my own head. Get out of solitude. Get out of all these new terrible things life just threw upon me. I am but one person.
I felt collapsed under the weight of the roles and responsibilities I have taken on and all that is expected of me. My health, life, and stability was shattered. I reached towards my Kintsukuroi(click for definition) inspiration to look towards the gold.

It took a community and nudging from friends to step out of the dark even for short bits. It was my friends who inspired me to get back out and have an exhibit. With love and support the Dark Root exhibit became my first hometown exhibit and turned into something much more than expected. The collection of artists and creatives that came together and made opening night happen were all in themselves impressive and is what gave the event it's special touch.

The Opening Night Exhibit
Welcome, welcome, one and all.
As you arrive you receive a red, black, or gold token.
If you brought a friend you more than likely have a different color.
Ushered into the holding tank, confusion creeps in. A Cocktail and uncomfortable conversation brings no answers. Until the Narrator assures you the Queen Has arrived.

She takes you by color
 You're separated from your friends and pulled into the Dark.
Depending on the emotion tied to the color you evoked, your tour highlighted each emotion.

Gold- Prosecco served, The golden highlights, the repair
Red-  Pinot Noir served, Love, dedication, the struggle
Black- Special Dark Chocolate, the darkness, sadness, the breaks/ cracks

Each tour was just a little of what went into the making of art and experience. I wanted to spark conversations between people and their different perspectives of my art after the tour was over. Maybe even new conversations with a stranger. Life imitates art. Different layers, meanings, perspectives. It's what binds us.

On display was an exhibit only piece titled
It's not always pretty
It tied the theory and inspiration of Kintsukuroi and Dark Roots together. A very deep and vulnerable painting.
Sold opening night.

I hope you enjoyed the exhibit
and thank you for your continued support!
I could never do what I do with out you!


 Rachel Cross R ONLY 325Wx90H

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