Oil Pastel Paintings

As an oil pastel artist, Rachel sets herself apart with her layering technique. Traditionally, multiple layers of oil pastels on canvas will blend softly very easily with each subsequent layer. But Rachel's technique applies distinct color layers that "peek" through in places, unblended or muddled, giving her paintings a uniquely vibrant depth of color.

1200 red leaf 
Oil Pastel on Canvas
Mini Collection

On display at
Anazao Galleries
3568 St. Johns Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida


Little Red Leaf


© Rachel Cross 2017

red leaf 2


Red Lillies

Red Lilly
Near and far
Here or there

For sale
Original oil pastel on canvas 

Mini Collection
© Rachel Cross 2017

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Contact Rachel 



"You give me anxiety"
Sometimes I hold my head high
Sometimes I walk with poise
Sometimes I close my eyes
Sometimes I close off
And sometimes
I have to close a door

For Sale 

Mini Collection
© Rachel Cross 2017
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Contact Rachel 

Heart Bleeds the Ocean

Heart Bleeds The Ocean

 © Rachel Cross 2017

Sold to Private Collector
Oil on canvas
For Sale

It's the salt in the air
It bleeds adventure
It's the unknown
It beats for passion
It's the rush of excitement
It flutters for a first
It's the chance on something bigger than ourselves
It lives for the thrill



Base Layer                                          Mid way                                                     Finished 


Multible layers of vibrant colors and metalics give this painting
incredible color changing properties. It's beautiful from all lighting angles.

To view in person:
See it on the wall at City Bistro
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Red Boat is an Oil Pastel Painting On Canvas by Rachel Cross

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600w Red Boat Canvas Print   ALL SIDES


--- #15 sold this week after the event! ---
This year has been a good one for Rachel having great success with her New Kintsukuroi Collection. Sales of her original oil pastel paintings from this new collection has increased the demand for the last 5 LTD Red Boat prints that launched her into the international art scene. LTD Red Boat Print #15 sold after the opening night of the event ...so only 5 are left to purchase this year! Another 10 will be released for an undisclosed price in 2019.
Each LTD Canvas Print:
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Has hand embellishments by the artist that makes each print unique.
  • Is hand signed and personalized on the back by Rachel Cross. 
600w 0Certificate of Authenticity   Red Boat

Red Boat is featured on the cover of Louise Erdrich's German release of "LaRose".

Louise Erdrich Rachel Cross Artist LaRose   image 1 13693
Red Boat is one of Rachel's most beloved pieces that curently hangs in her own home. This painting is the painting that set her unique style of oil pastels into international recognition by being featured in a Peter Doig collection and then discovered by an international publishing company to cover a multible award winning American novelist Louise Erdrich's novel LaRose. Was released in Germany and Austria Oct 17th 2016.