Rachel's Writings


It takes a few punches
to learn how to take them
It takes a few kicks
A few mistakes
A few emotions
A few times
Sometimes a little less
Maybe a bit more
But eventually
If it wasn't all for nothing
It will free you
From your own prison
From your own boundaries
From your own insecurities
Sometimes even more
Has already begun
© Rachel Cross 2017


Rose Reflections Kinstukori Rachel Cross


He held his hands out filled with water

A bird in the bush after a long flight

The water glimmered in the golden hour

He smiled sweetly





One sip

and she knew to trust her wings over the price of water

© Rachel Cross Art 2017 

Rachel Cross R ONLY 325Wx90H




I love this photo. I took it on Thanksgiving at my mothers. I was impressed with how much water it held and even the reflection of myself staring back at me in the water.



"Who am I"
Jack Crow

How do I say I need space?
Without you thinking it's about you.
I'm growing, learning, expanding.
I let you in close,
too close.
As I grow it pushes you back.
You can't see it, you only feel it.
There is no less space between us

except possibly in our hearts.
I am a new person,
in a new body,
in a new mindset,
and a new lease on life.
It's not you, you were different
It's me, I'm outgrowing everything.
As I devour the earth
and drain every drop I can,
will I be ready?
I don't know.
I need space.
I haven't tasted enough to say ok,
this is where I'll stay.


Rachel Cross R ONLY 325Wx90H

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Rachel Cross freckles eyes lips.

I look away 
For in that moment 
Our eyes spoke
Sensations sparked 
Hearts fluttered 
Minds wandered 

Agaze again
For in this moment
A loud whisper
Is conveyed

I want it too 

© Rachel Cross 2017

Hinden KittenYou gave me a taste

It still lingers

A deep inhale followed by

An even deeper exhale




I felt something

It was a small piece of a puzzle

But it fit

It felt right

I want more

I don't want less

I know I want it again

Whatever it was




In the morning before coffee.




I'm on the hunt for that missing piece... where ever I may find it.

Hidden kitten
© Rachel Cross 2017

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Rachel Cross night

The breeze fingers through my hair
The warm air saturates my lungs
The biting rush upon my lips
This is it
This is the time
The time we sit back
Let go
Give fate a hand at the wheel
Life is fleeting
Youth is fleeting
All we have is this moment
So give it all you've got
First thing
We live


© Rachel Cross 2017





Rachel Cross sexy beautiful woman


The night was young

Now the night is warm

A bit more comfortable

A little slower

More sensual

A bit more passionate

More alive

Like me




Good Morning

If I could describe with my lips the way my eyes do

You would feel the warmth traveling through my body
The tingling sensation that make my hair stand on end
You would see the warm glow all around like the morning light
See colors more vibrant and aromas more pleasant

But all I have are these words

because you aren't here to gaze into my eyes


© Rachel Cross Art 2016